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Director : Martin GIURFA

Assistant director : Bernard FRANCES


UMR 5169, Bât IVR3, 118 route de Narbonne F-31062 Toulouse cedex 09

Tél.: +33 5 61 55 67 31, Fax: +33 5 61 55 61 54


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Award of Académie des Sciences, Inscriptions

et Belles-Lettres of Toulouse


Anaïs Khuong

The Académie des Sciences, Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres of Toulouse annually awards young doctors prizes for their research.


Anaïs Khuong was awarded the Prize Lucien Babonneau for her PhD thesis about modelling the individual building behaviour of the epigeous structure of the nest in Lasius niger.

The award ceremony will take place on December 7 2014.



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Bruno GUIARD a obtenu le prix



Bruno Guiard

Bruno GUIARD, a obtenu le prix Pierre Fabre Médicament. Ce prix lui a été remis lors du congrès annuel de la Société Francophone du Diabète à Paris en mars  2014.


Son projet, intitulé "Mécanisme de résistance aux antidépresseurs dans un modèle de comorbidité diabète de type 2 et dépression chez la souris", sera développé dans l'UMR 5169, Centre de Recherches sur la Cognition Animale, à Toulouse.




Honeybees taste with sugar-sensing

claws on forelegs


New research on the ability of honeybees to taste with claws on their forelegs reveals details on how this information is processed, according to a study published in the open-access journal, Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Insects taste through sensilla, hair-like structures on the body that contain receptor nerve cells, each of which is sensitive to a particular substance. In many insects, for example the honeybee, sensilla are found on the mouthparts, antenna and the tarsi – the end part of the legs.

Gabriela de Brito Sanchez

Honeybees weigh information from each tarsi to decide whether to feed, finds the latest study led by Dr. Gabriela de Brito Sanchez CNRS researcher at the University of Toulouse and Dr. Martin Giurfa, Director of the Research Centre on Animal Cognition, University of Toulouse.


"The tarsal taste of honey bees: behavioral and electrophysiological analyses"

Maria Gabriela de Brito Sanchez, Esther Lorenzo, Songkun Su, Fanglin Liu, Yi Zhan and Martin Giurfa,

Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, vol. 8, février 2014.


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Hot From the Press


Roussel Edith, Carcaud Julie, Combe Maud, Giurfa Martin, Sandoz Jean-christophe

"Olfactory coding in the honeybee lateral horn"

Current Biology, 24, 561-567.


 Remaud Jessica, Ceccom Johnatan, Carponcy Julien, Dugué Laura, Menchon Grégory, Pech Stéphane, Halley Hélène, Francés Bernard, Dahan Lionel

"Anisomycin injection in area CA3 of the hippocampus impairs both short-term and long-term memories of contextual fear"

Learning & Memory, 21(6):311-5.


Jeanson Raphael, Weidenmüller Anja

"Interindividual variability in social insects - proximate causes and ultimate consequences"

Biological Reviews, 89(3):671-87.


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Research Training


Thursday 27 November

Fréderic BONNET

"Cell cycle and cell fate decision: a role for CDC25B  in embryonic neurogenesis"

Fabienne Pituello‘s team, CBD


"Toward the understanding of repetitive elements dissemination in bacterial genomes"

BaoTon-Hoang ‘s team, LMGM

12h15, salle Vandel

Friday 19 December

Emmanuel BARBEAU

"Functional organization of medial temporal lobe structures in the human"

CerCo, Toulouse

12h15, salle Vandel




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