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Patrick LINDER & Ciaran CONDON

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Minisymposium CBI - GD axis

Tuesday, September 26th - 11h, IBCG conference room

"Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression
Key Roles of RNA Helicases and Ribonucleases"

  • 14H00 : Patrick LINDER (Université de Genève- Suisse),
    "RNA Helicases in S. aureus - The Power of Bacterial Genetics"

  • 15H00 : Odile HUMBERT (LBME),
    "Biochemical properties and function of the DEAD-box helicase Dbp6p involved in yeast ribosome biogenesis"

  • 15H40 : Lydia HADJERAS (LMGM),
    "Effect of dissociating RNase E from the membrane on messenger RNA stability in E.coli"

  • 16H00 : Ciaran CONDON (IBPC, Paris),
    "Role of Rae1 (YacP) in Translation-Dependent mRNA Turnover in B. subtilis"