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Group leaders: Audrey DUSSUTOUR & Raphaël JEANSON

The main objective of the IVEP team is to develop an integrative approach to investigate the determinants of phenotypic plasticity across different biological scales. Phenotypic plasticity is the capacity of a given genotype to produce a diversity of phenotypes in response to variations in the environment and represents one of the most important ways by which organisms adaptively respond to the environment. Depending on the system under study, environmental variations can range from local changes in the surroundings of cells to the ecological fluctuations experienced by individuals and their impact can span different temporal scales, from instantaneous to generational, with a transient or permanent incidence on the expression of phenotypic traits.

The IVEP team ambitions to investigate how biological entities, being cells or individuals, integrate environmental changes to produce adaptive responses and it also aims at examining how phenotypic plasticity emerges from interactions among its underlying components. For its scientific project, IVEP thus proposes to address complementary questions ranging from cell plasticity to behavioural variability in social groups.