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Team members

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Lionel Dahan
Cédrick Florian
Bernard Francés
Bruno Guiard
Lionel Mouledous
Claire Rampon
Pascal Roullet
Laure Verret
Camille Lejards
Sébastien Lopez
Stéphane Pech
Stella Manta
Trinovita Andraini
Vanessa Cattaud
François Labaste
Benjamin Portal
Khaoula Rekik
Christophe Rey

Tenured Researchers

  • Lionel Dahan, Associate Professor, Toulouse University
  • Cédrick Florian, Associate Professor, Toulouse University
  • Bernard Francés, Professor Emeritus, Toulouse University
  • Bruno Guiard, Associate Professor, Toulouse and Paris XI Universities
  • Lionel Mouledous, Research Associate, CNRS
  • Claire Rampon, Senior Research Associate, CNRS, team head
  • Pascal Roullet, Full Professor, Toulouse University
  • Laure Verret, Associate Professor, Toulouse University

Technical Staff

  • Camille Lejards, Assistant Engineer, CNRS
  • Sébastien Lopez, Engineer, Toulouse University
  • Stéphane Pech, Research Assistant, Toulouse University

Mouse facility :


  • Stella Manta

Graduate Students

  • Trinovita Andraini, Co-direction with University of Indonesia, Jakarta
  • Vanessa Cattaud
  • François Labaste
  • Benjamin Portal
  • Khaoula Rekik
  • Christophe Rey


  • Petnoi Petsophonsakul (PhD in 2017), currently employed by a private company in England
  • Hélène VILLAIN (PhD in 2016)
  • Charlotte BEZZINA (PhD in 2015), currently in Psychology school in Toulouse
  • Jessica REMAUD (PhD in 2014), currently "Responsable R&D " at AgreenCulture
  • Kevin RICHETIN (PhD in 2014), currently postdoc at UNIL Lausanne
  • Nicolas MASSALY (PhD in 2012), currently postdoc at Washington University in St Louis, MI
  • Clémence LECLERC (PhD in 2012), currently employed by a private company
  • Alice KREZYMON (PhD in 2012), currently teacher in Irvine, California
  • Timothé ESCUDE (PhD in 2012) currently Med School student in Toulouse
  • Johnatan CECCOM (PhD in 2011), currently at School of Pharmacy in Toulouse
  • Stéphanie TROUCHE (PhD in 2009) currently Investigator Scientist in Oxford (MRC, D Dupret)
  • Alexandre BETOURNE (PhD in 2008), currently Chief Medical Officer at Above and Beyond (Atlanta, GA)